Parking the easy way.

We are adding value to your parking.

Avrio Parking creates new parking capacities by densifying existing ones in a smart way. Smart parking technology as well as the idea of redistributing unutilised capacities are our most important tools.

avrio parking

Rethinking things.

Why should we continue printing parking tickets, in a time license plate recognition is more convenient and ecological for processing cars?

Why shouldn’t we provide unused parking capacities such as e.g. partially unused supermarket parking lots to residents at night?

Avrio Parking reaches out for hidden opportunities in an already settled urban landscape. We are not going reinvent the past, but we are going to reshape the future.

Common issues

We are opposing the daily challenges in an urban context caused by increasing traffic and lack of parking capacities.

  • Land Consumption

    Avrio Parking uses space already dedicated to parking. If possible, capacities are densified vertically, e.g. by adding parking levels to existing structures or plain parking lots without consuming additional land.

  • Number of Vehicles increase

    Avrio Parking is an alternative to on-street parking. We identify purely used capacities like e.g. retail parking overnight or during weekends providing them to the most demanding group, suffering from challenges in parking: residents.

  • Vandalism

    Avrio Parking is interested in offering a safe and reliable parking experience to its clients and their vehicles. While entering the license plate is temporarily stored. Residents need to be member of the Cuboid-Parking community in order to be able to book long term capacities. State of the art surveillance technology covers our facilities 24/7.

  • Residents vs. Clients

    Avrio Parking unifies entrenched positions in a neighbourhood. Why competing for parking capacities, while sharing them between residents and clients during different times of a day seems far more constructive.

  • Housing Shortage

    Avrio Parking does not interfere into urban scope. We focus on locations already dedicated to parking.

  • Outdated Parking Facilities

    Avrio Parking provides smart parking technology to existing parking facilities - no more parking tickets or coins needed.

Additional parking capacities - yes, of course!

There is a scarcity of urban space. Let’s focus on the locations already dedicated for parking and let’s improve them.

There is a scarcity of urban space. Let’s focus on the locations already dedicated for parking and let’s improve them.

Additional urban space dedicated to parking - count us out!

Supermarkets, department stores and malls traditionally come with larger parking capacities even in urban neighbourhoods. Unfortunately, those remain unused in many cases off business hours, on holidays and on the weekend as well as during evening hours and overnight.

This is where our idea regarding smart sharing comes in. Parking is redistributed to those suffering most from a lack of sufficient capacities in the neighbourhood as e.g. residents desperate for convenient parking.

Interacting with our associate project Cuboid Parking provides synergies to our clients and partners. Capacities created and managed by Avrio Parking are going to be affiliated to the Cuboid Parking community. Members are able to book long term capacities via application.

We appreciate a reliable cooperation with landlords and we keep in touch with local administration as well as politics regularly to identify, discuss and realize promising positions. Partnering with leading retail brands our network is growing steadily.

Ecology and Efficiency

Parking made simple - definitely.

Standing in line while accessing a car park? The ticket machine fails again? On your way out, but the ticket is missing?

We render possible, that’s not the way it has to be.

  • 01

    Users interested in parking in one of our facilities approach the barrier and the license plate is identified by our camera.

  • 02

    The license plate’s details are temporarily stored inside our database, while parking and deleted immediately after leaving.

  • 03

    Of course, we are able to offer limited free parking capacities as well as other specials in accordance with our partners.

How it works
Parking your car with Avrio

Let's take a look at our Onboarding process.

Just follow the animations for a step-by-step instruction. It's super easy.

  • Accessing Car Park
  • For safety reasons
  • Take your Time
  • Easy to extend
  • Leaving Car Park

Starting our Journey in Milan and Hamburg.

Despite several differences both metropolitan areas face similar sets of challenges mirroring current traffic developments. We are currently realising first Cuboids in both of the cities, becoming the European nucleus guiding urban mobility towards a thriving future.

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