Creating much more than Parking.

Redistributing the City to its Citizens.

Cuboid Parking develops and operates a European network of innovative parking facilities serving residents and businesses in urban neighbourhoods.


Our flexible architecture was dedicated to offer outstanding comfort, while sustainably satisfying requirements regarding ecology, traffic as well as urban planning.

Cuboid Facade Overview

Cuboid Entrance and Facade

Cuboid Access and Facade

Cuboid Facade and Stairway

Cuboid Facade Detail

Common issues

Cuboids apply, where urban environments currently face parking as a major challenge.

  • Land Consumption

    Cuboids offer parking capacities in urban neighbourhoods, where they are needed most – without consuming additional space. In the contrary: Increased efficiency enables different opportunities in creating new concepts for utilising urban space formerly dedicated to Parking.

  • Increasing Number of Vehicles

    Cuboids provide reliable parking capacities to residents and business. The nerve stretching search for a parking lot on a daily base ends -> less cars driving around -> less polluted air.

  • Lack of Sufficient Parking Capacities

    Cuboids are built on a small base, densifying parking towards a vertical approach. Up to 8 parking levels offer up to 48 parking lots increasing urban mobility’s efficiency.

  • Vandalism

    Cuboids are not accessible to the public, being limited to registered community members only. They are equipped with state-of-the-art fire protection and surveillance technology as well as they are connected to our 24/7 control room.

  • Residents and Visitors

    Cuboids are no public parking facilities attracting additional traffic towards urban neighbourhoods. The approach focuses on creating a vital network for residents and local businesses as well as visiting community members covering currently unused capacities.

  • Housing Shortage

    Cuboids do not compete for urban space, particularly by limiting residential developments. They are built on otherwise not usable properties as e.g. in building gaps or on existing parking lots, petrol stations.

  • Outdated Parking Technology

    Cuboids are part of a technologically innovative overall-approach. The entire parking process is automated and managed digitally by an application. Identification is done by Bluetooth, by NFC or by QR-Code – no more parking tickets or coins needed. Cuboids become an essential part of a comprehensive urban e-mobility charging infrastructure.

  • Lacking Quality of Life

    Cuboids create their own appealing urban context. The roof top and the façade may contain plants or may be used for events as well as advertising. In the long run Cuboids might become an essential part of urban agriculture offering e.g. vertical gardens.

New Parking Capacities using Existing Urban Space.

Cuboid Parking reutilises existing urban space instead of sealing this scarce urban resource.

Cuboid Parking reutilises existing urban space instead of sealing this scarce urban resource.

Cuboid Parking decreases land consumption.

We appreciate a reliable cooperation with landlords and we keep in touch with local administration as well as politics regularly to identify, discuss and realize promising positions. We established partnerships with leading brands in retail as well as petrol companies continuously broadening our network.

Petrol stations, building gaps, undedicated public space or retail parking facilities matching our requirements may be considered for creating Cuboids.

Wherever possible due to urban planning, we prefer taking parking to another level in order to create lean parking facilities - having a positive impact on urban landscape and offering the most sustainable solution.

We rely on prefabricated concrete elements as well as an architecturally significant stainlesssteel façade reducing light and noise emissions. Major construction efforts have been decreased to some weeks only. The façade might be supplemented by vertical gardens. Cuboids dimensions in height and width may vary.

Comfort and Security by Cuboid Parking.

Cuboids are designed barrier-free as there is a 24/7 video surveillance coverage.

They provide a secure parking experience as there is no traffic on the parking levels.

  • 01

    A comprehensive e-mobility charging infrastructure might be set up by adding charging devices for electric vehicles.

  • 02

    A comprehensive e-mobility charging infrastructure might be set up by adding charging devices for electric vehicles.

  • 03

    The roof top offers additional appliances such as urban gardening.

  • 04

    User may select between booking available parking capacities spontaneously or a range of subscriptions.

Take it to the Cube
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See how the future of parking really works

The following illustrations are taken from our actual prototype showing you step-by-step how to onbard a cuboid. Believe us – it’s quite easy!

Starting our Journey in Milan and Hamburg.

Despite several differences both metropolitan areas face similar sets of challenges mirroring current traffic developments. We are currently realising first Cuboids in both of the cities, becoming the European nucleus guiding urban mobility towards a thriving future.

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